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Download for FREE now and compete with your friends to become the best chicken !
Watch the chickens lay eggs on Trump in this funny and addicting endless running (flying) game !
♥ Colorful and cheerful graphic !
♥ Fun and challenging obstacles !
♥ Dodge lasers, missiles, rockets, helicopters and           many more !
♥ 30 adorable chickens to be unlocked !
♥ Level up cool items to fly further !
♥ Simple one-touch control, tap or hold to fly !
♥ Compete worldwide for the best distance !

Download For FREE Now!

Warrior Chicken
The strongest warrior from Universe 9000,
looking for a worthy opponent on Earth.
Harambe Chicken
Harambe will always be in our heart and in our video games.
Stop hurting and killing animals, you can make the difference. 
Samurai Chicken
He has a poor sense of direction. He lost in a supermarket during shopping,
legend says he is still finding his way out.
Harley Cuinn
" We are bad chickens, it's what we do. "
Love Melon Games is indie game company from Malaysia.
The company consisting a person, but is striving to improve the 
game quality, company size and every other aspects.

For any inquiries, you can contact me at [email protected] .

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